Because You Love Yourself

Let's Talk about Beauty and Self Love

Beauty is the manifestation of the love you have for yourself. Your skin mirrors your inner core and is a direct reflection of your overall health. Holistic skin care is a lifestyle, and is a direct approach to good health, creating balance and harmony. The holistic approach to healthy skin is the physical, emotional, and mental balance overall.

I am Khari Mshauri-Bey, your Transformational Coach and soapmaker. Certified as an herbalist over 7 years ago and received my license in cosmetology for more than 20 years. Khari handcrafts herbal infused skincare products with intentions and with quality ingredients you need to enhance your overall health. After several years of long term suffering from artificial ingredients and harsh detergents using commercial products, Khari decided to create a line for herself and family of 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Most members suffered from sensitive skin and allergies.  We cater to nourishing and feeding your skin for holistic wellness… Mind, Body, and Soul

Life is full of choices- skincare routine shouldn’t be a difficult decision. Empower yourself, pamper yourself, love yourself with products from Khari Amore’s Garden Bath.

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