Tulane Beard Care Combo


Tulane is the go to for your beard conditioning and moisturizing facial hairs.

Apply 2-4 drops daily to soften coarse hairs and provide a healthy shine.

Product Benefits:

Paraben free

Store out of direct sunlight.

Full Ingredients List:

Argan Oil
Jojoba Oil
Khari’s essential oil and herbal blend

Combats and protects against:

Frizz, split ends, breakage
Dry, brittle hair
Currently damaged hair and against further damage
Itchy, flaky, dry and oily scalp conditions such as dandruff
Sensitive scalp issues and buildup
Excessive shedding/hair thinning and supports re-growth


Tulane is where 2 souls emerge. Kings be ready for her touch. Use this combo of beard oil, facial soap, and facial scrub to condition and moisturize your beard. For maximum results use daily.

Step 1-Emperor’s facial scrub. Gently massage scrub in circular motions onto face including skin underneath facial hairs. Rinse thoroughly and follow with beard soap.

Step 2-Sunrise facial. Create a lather and wash entire face, beard, and mustache. Leave lather on for at least 1 minute and rinse well.

Step 3-Kingdom Waters beard oil. Apply 2to3 drops into palms and rub gently into damp facial hairs


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